Arcadia Park Grab Bag

ID: 10257
Arcadia Park Grab Bag Gift Box

A grab bag for those who visited Arcadia Park.

Right-click to obtain two of the following items:
Arcadia Park Voucher: 5 Points x1
Arcadia Park Voucher: 10 Points x1
Arcadia Park Voucher: 50 Points x1
200 Loyalty Points (Bound) x1
Lifesaver (3-Day) x1
Lifesaver x1
Scuba Mask (3-Day) x1
Scuba Mask x1
Reindeer Antlers (3-Day) x1
Reindeer Antlers x1

You will receive TWO of the items above.
A chance to also obtain: Challenge Letter - Mecha-Mage x1.
  • Quick Facts
  • Max Stack: 100