• Class01 icon Swordmaster
  • Class02 icon Mage
  • Class03 icon Gunslinger
  • Class04 icon Cleric
  • Class05 icon Paladin
  • Class06 icon Hunter
  • Class07 icon Rogue
  • Class08 icon Occultist
  • Class09 icon Berserker
  • Class10 icon Dragonknight
  • Class12 icon Monk

Class Introduction

There are 11 classes in Twin Saga and 3 specializations for each class reflecting different roles. Some classes may have the option to only be one role, while others are able to choose between two different roles.

Twin Saga also features the popular class swapping, so a single character can level up as many classes as you wish. Equipment will be shared for all classes.

Your character has both a character level and class level. As you level up your class, you will aquire more skills that strengthen your class. You will also be able to use shared skills from other classes.


There are three roles you can choose from in Twin Saga: DPS, Tank, Healer. DPS is further split into Melee DPS and Ranged DPS.

  • DPS: The role of a DPS is to do as much damage as you can, while avoiding taking damage whenever possible.
  • Healer: The role of a Healer is to keep everyone's health up.
  • Tank: The role of a Tank is to be sure that they are the one the enemy is focused on attacking.


A class is defined by their skills, which unlock as you level up your class.

There are several types of skills:

  • Class Skills: These are the main skills of your class.
  • Specialization Skills: You will receive skill points for the basic specialization from level 1-65 and for the advanced specialization from level 42-75.
  • Shared Skills: These skills can be used by all classes.